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4 Top Benefits of Helping Your Divorcing Friend Get Social with Exercise

Get Social with Exercise

We’ve all been there – lying on the couch and no natural force will get you moving. Picture this: the remote flips past the exercise channel and staring you in the face is a cheerful, glowing, fit trainer jumping around in front of a group of good looking athletes.  Cut to your friend on the couch beside you who is carrying the stress of a breakup.  You can use the magical power of friendship to take on the supportive role of that trainer. This is your chance to influence your friend to release that pressure and have some fun by exercising.

“Exercise is a terrific way to release natural endorphins, bond with friends and gain confidence and strength,” says Mary Helen Bowers, Professional Ballerina and Founder of Ballet Beautiful.  A simple online search of social exercise options will reveal new activities to try like flag football and mud races.  You and your “friend in need” can enjoy these together.

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