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Make A “Giving Back” Date

Woman Gives Gifts at a Food Drive

I’m pleased to share my thoughts on how to best support your friend who is dealing with divorce or a transition in her marriage. Each month, I plan to share one easy and empowering tip that you can suggest to your friend as a way to help. This month, it seemed natural to focus on the benefit of volunteering as a simple way to help overcome and avoid the blahs.

Winter can be stressful for everyone, not just for those in a period of change. Your friend may be facing unique challenges, including new family rituals, more time alone or economic shortfalls. Suggesting that your friend help others is a great way for her to help herself. Giving back improves one’s self-esteem and creates a sense of community. Clemens Pietzner, President, Triskeles Foundation sums it up nicely when he says, “For someone looking for meaning, involvement and possibly change, Continue reading →