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Going Through Divorce With a Special Needs Child

Going Through Divorce w/ A Special Needs Child

My daughter was diagnosed with a general developmental delay at the time of my divorce. She was non-verbal and exhibited many autistic characteristics, which meant every day things were a challenge. You can imagine her confusion when her home life began to change.

Many of the things I did to try and diffuse the situation can be helpful to divorcing families with average children and special needs children alike.

Explain the Situation. Depending on the child’s mental capabilities, it may be hard to explain what is happening. Pictures have always been very effective with my daughter, so showing her a photo of Continue reading →

Four Tips to Take The Fear Out of Finances After Divorce


Unfortunately, divorce and financial issues go hand in hand. Your “friend in need” may be in new territory with her finances and scared of the unknown. Perhaps her partner was responsible for handling the investments in the relationship or your friend isn’t sure if she makes enough money to cover her bills.

Whether preparing for a divorce or acclimating to life post break-up, financial empowerment is a key component to your friend’s happiness. This month’s tip is to help your friend get her finances in order so she may feel secure and confident in this new chapter of her life.

Getting organized is the first step to taking the fear out of money. Help your friend face this challenge with these 4 tips: Continue reading →

Help Your Friend See the Light at the End of the Divorce Tunnel

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With as many as one in two couples heading straight for divorce court within a few years of marriage, divorce is now more common and socially acceptable than it was in our grandparents’ day.  Just because it happens more often, however, doesn’t mean it’s any less overwhelming.

When people are stressed, they tend to only hear bits and pieces of all the details they need to focus on. A natural response for those in a support role is to offer “comfort,” which unintentionally comes out in the form of “control.” All of us at one point or another have to resist the temptation to offer advice. Even when well intentioned, telling a friend to leave the marriage or treat the spouse in a certain way is generally one-sided. It is impossible to know all there is to know about your friend’s marriage as an outsider, even if you are very close friends and your friend regularly confides in you. Continue reading →

Know the Limits of Friendship – and Kinship During Divorce

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

Whether you’re a family member or a friend, your role with the one who is going through a divorce is different depending on the relationship. Understanding the subtle, yet important, differences based on how you’re connected can help you understand your boundaries and how you can best help.

Friends are the place to vent.

As a friend, you have more flexibility in dealing with the divorce. While it’s helpful for you to remain objective and help your friend take the high road, you are the better candidate for vents. You can be the place where your friend can say anything – without impacting the longevity of the friendship in a negative way. Continue reading →

Five Tips to Face Fluctuating Finances With Your Divorcing Friend

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One of the hardest adjustments to make during divorce may be financial adjustments because they affect so many other areas. Regardless of how much each spouse contributed to the household income, losing even a small portion can make a big difference.

Join in the Savings

Everyone can cut out a few things here and there, so while your friend is dealing with the difficult task of cutting spending, you can show support by doing the same. Life changes are always easier made with a friend. Why not add to your own savings in the process?

Here are some ways to help your friend’s adjustment to a leaner wallet a little easier: Continue reading →