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How to Approach a Spouse about Divorce

How to Approach a Spouse about Divorce

No one has ever told me at the end of the divorce process they wish it had lasted longer.

Unfortunately, there are many things couples can do to ensure, upfront, that the divorce is handled rationally and with little disruption to everyone’s well being. Because it is tough for the people involved to stay calm sometimes, your role as a friend is critical. While in some conversations you should just let your divorcing friend vent, there will be other times when you can have a calm discussion about how to move forward. When your friend has decided to divorce and is ready to discuss that decision with his or her spouse and children, you can help by suggesting some practical thoughts about how to stay diplomatic. Continue reading →

Three Great Gifts You Can Give Your Divorcing Friend This Holiday

Three Great Gifts You Can Give Your Divorcing Friend This Holiday

When you get together with your friends and family this holiday, your friend who is going through a split will bring lots of emotions to the table. Whether he or she is hurting or ready to move on and celebrate, here are three special gifts you can give. Continue reading →

What to Do When Divorce Takes Over Friendship

Two women arguing - hot and cold.

What if all your friend wants to do is talk about the divorce or bash the soon to be ex-spouse? Even the most empathetic friend can’t listen to someone talk non-stop without paying an emotional toll. Keep in mind that while you need to listen sometimes, it’s not your job to always listen to your friend’s complaining about their divorce. Here are four hints on how to listen without getting caught up in the drama – and to recognize when you need to set some tough love limits. Continue reading →

How to Help Your Divorced Friend Carve Out Some “Me Time”

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After going through a traumatic life experience like divorce, it can be hard to find yourself again.  The importance of carving out “me time” is not only therapeutic and healing, but it can be fun as well.

For more on why “me time” is important physically and emotionally, check out A Woman’s Guide To Me Time.

It’s difficult enough to find “me time” between work and parental duties when you have a spouse helping you.  Now, picture your divorced friend and imagine that it’s even harder when you don’t have that extra adult helping you.  The schedule of a divorced parent is definitely different and often times results in more work for the single parent.  Most likely your friend is trying to spend more time with the kids on the days they are together, but then the off-days off get crowded with errands and other work.  It can seem like an eternal catch-22.

Finding “me time” isn’t impossible. Here are some tips to help a friend in need. Continue reading →

Six Tips to Help Your Divorced Friend (and Kids) Stay In The Social Circle

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At 24 I was a single mom of a special needs child. I don’t think most of my friends knew how to handle that – not that I did either.  They seemed to move on, leaving me to hear about their gatherings and outings through the grapevine. Looking back, I can understand what may have been difficult for them. Still — divorce is an isolating event in itself, without the addition of being cut off from your social life. Here’s how to make sure your friend knows you’re still there – and that you still want to spend time together. Continue reading →