How to Suggest Post-Split Positive Lifestyle Choices to Your Divorcing Friend

Woman Looks Through Glass at Sunrise, Thinking About Life After Divorce.
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The yellow daffodils outside of my window look so cheery. Winter’s grip has finally released and we can enjoy the pleasures of spring. Your friend in need may be in the midst of her own personal winter and the warmth of spring may seem beyond her reach. Suggesting some positive lifestyle choices post-split, may inspire her to imagine a more fulfilling life. I’m happy to share three examples of my clients who have committed to exciting new lives…post-divorce.

Learn more about why good role models are important.

  • Getting back in shape. As a newly single woman, your friend will have more time for self-reflection. Perhaps she could use this extra time to work on her health and well-being, like my client, Kathy. During her divorce, Kathy lacked the discipline to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Now, as a single woman, her goal is to feel strong and energetic again. So, she made a conscious decision to get back in shape. By adopting healthy eating values and an exercise regiment, Kathy reached her goal and is living a satisfying life. Share these tips on how to reinvent yourself.
  • Living her dreams. Another great example for your friend is Jennifer, a former client who shifted her focus from her heartbreak to living her dreams. After her divorce, Jennifer gave herself permission to return to school to learn to become a massage therapist. This would never have been possible during her marriage as she was the sole caretaker for her three young children. Her new lifestyle that includes joint custody allows her the time to attend classes and heal herself while helping to heal others.
  • Traveling the world. Finally, Jacqueline is a role model for anyone. Her love of travel took a back seat to the love of her husband as he was fearful of flying. In the current post-split phase of her life, Jacqueline fulfilled a lifetime wish when she joined a woman’s group on a trek of Machu Picchu. Jacqueline is taking her new-found freedom very seriously, indeed.

Just like the changing seasons, your friend will soon be in the next phase of her life. She has the power to adopt positive lifestyle changes and enjoy her new freedom – maybe you’ll go along for the ride.

Alicia J. Klat, Esq.
Alicia J. Klat, Esq. takes a goal-oriented, client-centered approach to practicing law. Her holistic law practice focuses on estate planning, trusts and estates and new business ventures. She was nominated for the New York State Bar Association's Outstanding Young Lawyer of 2008 and is an Adjunct Professor at Pace University School of Law. Ms. Klat is licensed to practice law in New York and Connecticut. Website: Email: Phone: 212-591-2800

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