Five Tips to Face Fluctuating Finances With Your Divorcing Friend

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One of the hardest adjustments to make during divorce may be financial adjustments because they affect so many other areas. Regardless of how much each spouse contributed to the household income, losing even a small portion can make a big difference.

Join in the Savings

Everyone can cut out a few things here and there, so while your friend is dealing with the difficult task of cutting spending, you can show support by doing the same. Life changes are always easier made with a friend. Why not add to your own savings in the process?

Here are some ways to help your friend’s adjustment to a leaner wallet a little easier:

  1. Get Your Groupon. If you and your friend aren’t already signed up for Living Social or Groupon deals , now might be a good time to try one (or both) out. Save on everything from oil changes to carpet cleaning. It’s amazing how much can be saved by watching these sites. Also, local newspapers and cities often offer their own specials regularly.
  2. Become a Couponista. Why not get in on the couponing fad? Visit online coupon sites and grab your local weekend newspaper to make an afternoon of clipping and cutting savings with your friend.
  3. Make Meals on the Cheap. Search online for inexpensive meal ideas and see if there are some worth trying. Your friend might be surprised to find many ingredients are already in the pantry.
  4. Find a Fashion Strategy. Whether your friend is into fashion or not, new clothes do become necessary, at some point. Check online ads or just spend a day visiting stores with “SALE” signs in the windows. If new prices  are just not an option, there are some really great, upscale consignment shops out there that offer gently used clothes at a fraction of the original price. If your friend has never shopped secondhand, it will be easier if you offer to go along and help scout the best stuff!
  5. Spend Time, Not Cash. Even if your friend doesn’t feel like going out, it’s important to be surrounded by people who care. Suggest board game nights, potluck dinner parties and other activities that allow your friend to be social without feeling the need to spend money. Offer to host or help your friend host, so that he or she only needs to contribute the address.

If your friend is interested in going out, do an online search for free activities in the area or keep checking those deals sites mentioned earlier for an inexpensive meal or evening out! Even offer to watch your friend’s kids for free while he or she goes out.

In times of financial frustration, try to remind your friend that money truly can’t buy happiness and that this is only a season of life. Eventually, things will get easier.

Andria C.
Andria C.
Andria currently resides in the Midwest with her husband and two children. She is a stay-at-home mom and freelance graphic designer. Her experience with divorce came in 2004, after a tumultuous relationship with her first husband.

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