6 Unconventional Ways Your Divorcing Friend Can Keep Expenses in Line

Woman searches the racks at a thrift shop.
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One of the toughest parts of divorcing is learning to rely solely on your own financial resources. In order for your friend to make it financially she may have to find unconventional ways to keep her expenses in line. Luckily, there are several outside of the box ways of doing this. Get creative with your friend and recommend these money saving tips:

  • Get a Roommate. One of the biggest expenses your friend will have is housing. Depending on the city, handling a rent payment for a decent place can be hard to do on one income. Your friend can save some money by finding a roommate to split the rent.
  • Opt for a Prepaid Cell Phone. Cell phone bills can be huge money drains. If your friend is willing to cut the bells and whistles of her current smartphone she can get an unlimited, no contract plan for as little as $19 a month. While the phones may not be as advanced as the latest smartphones the price is well worth the sacrifice. A couple carriers to check out are Republic Wireless® or Net 10®Wireless. Encourage your friend to research which plans are the best fit.
  • Shop the Dollar Stores. Dollar stores often offer the same brands as the big box stores for a fraction of the price. I frequent the dollar stores on a regular basis and enjoy the savings they offer. Your friend can buy household items, groceries and even clothes on the cheap.
  • Cook from Scratch. Cooking homemade food rather than buying packaged items at the grocery store can save some major cash. Your friend can keep her grocery budget in line by whipping up her own creations. If your friend needs help with recipes she could check out Food.com or AllRecipes.com®. Making a big batch of the same thing and freezing it for a later date will save your friend time and her hard earned money.
  • Shop Thrift Stores. Kids grow like weeds. If your friend has children she’s probably accustomed to buying new clothes every few months. Instead of buying brand new she should buy used. Thrift stores, consignment shops and yard sales are great places to look for gently used kids clothes. I often shop at thredUP® which is an online consignment shop to buy clothes for my kids and me.
  • Buy Used Whenever Possible. In order to really keep expenses under control your friend should be willing to purchase used items instead of opting for new. You’d be amazed by some of the deals you can find on used items. In some instances you can find better quality used items than you can on brand new items for a fraction of the cost. If your friend is in need of furniture, appliances, books or anything else check out Craigslist®, Facebook® Yard Sales and garage sales.

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. Your friend can keep her expenses under control by thinking outside of the box and making the necessary sacrifices.

Alexa is a single mother on a mission to chronicle her journey through single motherhood and all of the triumphs and tribulations that come along with it at singlemomsincome.com.

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